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Creative States

Premium, flexible workspaces with a full range of operational services and unique community

We value your partnership

Unique workspaces, flexible deal structures and a commercial property partner that brokers and agents can trust. We offer generous incentives for referrals of clients who successfully contract and stay within our office spaces.

We value your partnership

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Creative States different?

    Our mission: we want to change the world of office spaces drastically,making life brighter and engaging and turning a work into a pleasure.

    Our key benefits:

    • Perfect locations (all locations are in the city center near the metro stations);
    • Design and infrastructure;
    • Additional services;
    • Unique community;
    • Flexible rent terms.
  • What types of flexible office/coworking products does CS offer?

    We offer different types of workspaces:

    • Hot Desk - designed for individuals or small teams who don't require a permanent desk and enjoy a flexible workspace. No need to reserve a spot in advance.
    • Private Office - for those who thrive in enclosed and ample offices. Fully furnished and secured space for teams of 1-25 members size.
    • Office Suites - for companies with a team of 30+ members requiring custom design, branding elements and great flexibility of the workspace.
    • Business Suites - exclusive private offices which are designed in a very unique and inimitable manner with iconic interior terms.
  • Can I get a tour of your workplace location?

    Of course! We`re extremely proud of every location we build, and love to show our product and the experience of working in our spaces to all prospective clients and brokers. We encourage you to make an appointment by filling out the contact form on this page.

  • How do I submit a rental request?

    A partner fills out an application on the website or sends an application with customer information to email

    If you submit a request via email. kindly add the following information:

    1. Name of the company - Client.
    2. Name and surname of the contact person on the part of the Client.
    3. Email and phone number of the contact person.
    4. The required number of workplaces in the office.
    5. Information allowing to identify the Partner (to assign the Client to the Partner).
  • Where can I find the current prices for renting offices and workplaces?

    Office and workplace prices are reviewed monthly. The partners undertake to work only with the current prices that they receive from the Creative States managers on a monthly basis.

  • Compensation Structure?

    One off payment equal to 5% of the gross membership fee*, 1 month paid upfront.

    *Gross membership fee means membership fee excluding VAT and amount of security payment, payments for additional services. - разворот-ответ

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