Meeting Room Booking System
Before you start using the meeting rooms booking system, you have to register and create your password. Only after this, you can start booking our Meeting Rooms.

To book the meeting room, you need to open the "Meeting Rooms" tab, after you see a calendar with the possibility to view all available meeting rooms and select free ones.

For booking, you need to pay attention to the free room and choose the time interval.

After selecting the time, please check that the room and time are correct.

To remove a false booking, you need to find it in the calendar and click twice on. In the open window, you need to choose "Cancel Booking."

To view the upcoming booking, go to the tab "Bookings"->"Upcoming".

Meeting rooms price:

For a resident with a package Private Office:
Meeting Room - free 2 hours per month for one person

For Hot Desk:
Meeting Room S – 10 $/hour
Meeting Room M - 10 $/hour
Meeting Room L - 15 $/hour