Visitor Management System
Guests and visitors can only come to Creative States using a guest card, which can be obtained in the lobby of business center after registration in the visitor management system. There are instructions on how to check-in with our visitor management system.

  1. When the guest comes to the lobby on the first floor, he/she needs to come up to our check-in point (iPad) that stands there. For registration, the guest needs to write the name, company, type of visitor and email, of the resident to whom he goes.
  2. After entering personal information, he/she needs to make a photo and put his/her signature.
  3. At the end, the guest has to enter the guest card number that has been received from the manager.
  4. After the guest registration, you will receive an email that the visitor is already coming to you

You can also send an invite to your guest. It will make the registration process much faster.

If the guest has an invitation, he has to show the QR code to the iPad for scanning and system will register him automatically. After that, he/she must enter the guest card number, which has been received, from the manager.